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Company Audits

We undertake annual Company Audits to meet ASIC requirements for the following organisations –

  1. Companies limited by Members Guarantee
  2. Companies with majority foreign ownership
  3. Subsidiaries of overseas companies
  4. Large proprietary companies as defined by the Corporations Act that meet at least two out of the following three tests:
    I. consolidated assets of $12.5m or more
    II. consolidated revenue of $25m or more
    III. 50 or more employees in the company and its controlled entities
  5. We are also licensed to audit New Zealand Companies to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Companies Office –
  6. Most of our Company Audit clients are introduced to us by the accountancy firms which do not have a Registered Company Auditor.


The AUASB issued the revised Standard of Review Engagements ASRE 2400 in 2013. A review engagement is a non-audit, limited assurance engagement. It is appropriate for audit-exempt SME’s who want to provide a level of assurance over financial statements between that which is provided by an audit (reasonable assurance) and a compilation report (no assurance).

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